The most unnoticed horror in a cartoon.Ever

    American Dad! is an animated sitcom created by Seth McFarlane (who you might know for his work on Family Guy, the Cleveland Show or the rising Bob’s Burgers).Unlike it’s sister shows it doesn’t rely heavily on cutaway gags but instead it derives its humour from its characters and it’s somewhat relatable storys.It is,in my opinion a funnier,more intelligent version of Family Guy and all round easier viewing session than the previous three listed above. 

    Under the seemingly polished exterior of the show there is a dark subplot.This honestly disgusts me every time I watch American Dad! and really disturbs me.

    For those familiar with the show there is a German character called Klaus.Klaus was an Olympic skier who was on his way to a gold medal in the 1988 Winter Olympics until the C.I.A intervened by switching his body with a gold fish, leaving him trapped, unable to walk or basically function as human being for the what was to be the rest of his existence.His life was seen to be worth less than a piece of gold metal which when melted down is worth about £387 or $500 (for more info click here).

     Klaus’s tragic backstory was unmentioned and deemed unimportant until the episode “My Affair Lady”(season 12 episode 9) where Roger was encouraging Hailey to have sex with a married man.Klaus reveals some of his backstory where as a young Olympian he had invited his girlfriend to the Olympic Village to propose to her but once there she cheated on him with the ‘German Bobsled team’.Klaus hates being stuck in his bowl and in ‘Da Flippity Flop’ (season 9 episode 19) he learns his body has been found and is in custody of the C.I.A.He begs Stan to give him his old body back but Stan refuses and Klaus attempts suicide multiple times and fails each time.Stan eventually gives in but it’s a week too late and Klaus sees that his body is now decayed,and then steals Stan’s body.Klaus says it himself “I’m never going back to that bowl Stan”.All He wants to do is to ski and do his unperformed trick “The Flippity Flop”.

    Klaus is the ‘Meg’ of the American Dad! (Family Guy reference). He is seen as useless which, sadly is true.He can’t walk or drive or really be of any use since he is in the body of a goldfish.He can’t do the things he used to do like skiing which he misses and often speaks about.He is trapped. He is the Smiths hapless and really unconsenting pet.